Trails of Discovery encompass Children’s Trails and Memory Trails

Children’s Trail is an experience for 8 -12 year olds, led by a question sheet to guide them and accompanying adults around a church, other place of worship or a historic building and encourages them to engage with the architecture, history and furnishings.  The Arts Society members and church or building representatives work together voluntarily in a small team to research and write the trail’s questions and corresponding answer sheets.  Once a trail has been finalised, the trail team provides the church or building with an electronic and hard copies of the questions and answers and holders to display them. 

The aim is to encourage children and their families to learn about the building and inspire them to visit and enjoy other churches and historic buildings.

Children’s Trails completed in the Wyvern Area include:

  • St John the Evangelist Church, Radclive near Buckingham
  • St Mary the Virgin Church, Padbury near Buckingham
  • St Thomas of Canterbury Church,  Goring-on-Thames
  • SS Peter and Paul Church,  Wantage
  • St Mary the Virgin Church, Witney
  • The University Church of St Mary the Virgin, Oxford. Click here for trail.
  • St Edmund's, Maids Moreton, near Buckingham. Click here for trail.

The new Memory Trails are designed to provide an enjoyable activity for people living with dementia.  The trail, most likely centred on a local church or other building is intended to evoke memories and prompt discussion and thereby engage people living with dementia and their carers.     

The wording of each section of the trail has been determined and endorsed by healthcare professionals in the field of mental health and dementia and designed to encourage tactile and sensory activity.    As such, the specific wording used for each aspect of the trail is followed as closely as the physical aspects of the particular church or building allow.  The reason for choosing churches as the preferred location of memory trails is that many people living with dementia are of an age that would have been involved with churches from an early childhood and on through later years and their memories of this are likely to be more easily recalled.

For further information please e-mail the Trails of Discovery Co-ordinator at